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    No Sale / No Fee , No Risk

Fair Fixed Fee, of only £1500 inc vat To Sell Your Property.
Free Worcester Valuations. Priority Tel: 0333 20 70 50 

The 3 must haves, for selling a property for the best price in Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

Expert Negotiation

This is the most critical time in the whole sales process.

Our professional team have years of experience when it comes to negotiating the best price for your property.


Professional Photograghy

First Impressions are so important now nearly every buyer searches online for a property.

We take, FREE, lifestyle shots and create beautiful images to help see the full potential of our properties.

Maximum Exposure

At Williams we don't just put your property on Rightmove and hope.

Unlike Pay Any Way agents, we only get paid when the job is finished. We give maximum effort from start to finish.

Williams include professional photography for free.

Williams work for you, on a No Sale No Risk basis.

Richard Williams - Proprietor

Before setting up Williams Estate Agents, I managed branches in Hereford and Worcester for the largest UK estate agents.

Williams have always utilised the best technology we have available, to offer the best service for the best fee to our sellers.

Williams also believe, No Sale No Fee is best for our customers.
We also believe that your agent should negotiate the sale for you.
Doing it yourself can lose you £1000's in equity if you say the wrong thing at the wrong time to a potential buyer.

We are also an independent company. We ask all our staff, to sell property as if they were selling a family members property.
This matra has helped us be successful for over 15 years.

If you are thinking of selling, we would love to help.
Please feel free to call my personal line on 0333 20 70 50 7 to book a valuation.

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What is a "Pay Any Way" estate agent?

Here are a few important reasons why we do not offer “Pay Any Way” contracts to our valued customers.

  1. Companies like PurpleBricks and Yopa charge you their fee, even if they cant find you a buyer. 
  2. Pay Any Way sellers often have to drop their asking price to find a buyer. Any saving on the initial fee is wiped out by £1000’s.
  3. Pay Any Way agents have no motivation to sell your property once they have your fee.
  4. Pay Any Way  may over price your property to flatter and win the upfront fee.
  5. They’re call centre staff often don’t know where your town is, so are unable to sell your area or house to perspective buyers.
  6. You negotiate the sale your self. If you say the wrong thing at a critical time in the negotiation it can cost £1000’s in equity.
  7. Pay Any Way customer review system has been questioned many times by leading industry figures. On sites they cant control,  they often score very poorly.
  8. Selling you property is only half the issue. Being able to speak to someone who cares throughout the sale is paramount. 

At Williams our core value is to provide a traditional service for the best possible fee. We could not offer Pay Any Way, simply from an ethical belief. We also feel that once enough people have complained to trading standards and the govt. realise how misleading the practice is, it will become illegal, in the near future. 


Request A Valuation

If you would like to book a valuation or have a question about our fee , Contact Us Today or call our priority valuation number on : 0333 20 70 50 7


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