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 If you like to help your clients, IntroAgents is for you.

IntroAgents is a FREE platform to allow Estate Agents to refer their clients to a local mortgage adviser

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Why Use IntroAgents?

Its FREE To Use! 

If you have your own adviser in house, simply use the platform to record your leads. If you want to refer to our advisers, thats fine to. 

No Mortgage Adviser? No Problem

With over 1,000 advisers across the UK, you can offer expert mortgage advice, knowing your clients will be speaking to a nearby person. 

Data is Key 

It keeps all of your mortgage referrals in one place. You can monitor your teams results and use the data to improve performance.

Who Are Introagents?

We provide real world solutions to help fellow estate agents, compete in this ever changing industry.  We aim to create a platform for estate agents to fix our many challenges. 


Feel free to contact us for more information.

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Is it worth referring?

Having your buyers qualified is very important. You also recieve an important income stream.  

Can I use my exisiting adviser?

Yes. If you want to use Introagents just for the stat’s and staff motivation thats fine.

Why Do Introducers Use It?

Competition, feedback, performance, figures, trends, reporting, records of leads, income,, motivativation, rewards.

Is it easy to use?

Add your consenting clients  name and contact details into Introagents.  Introagents does the rest for you.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

IntroAgents allows me to keep a record of who is doing what in my offices. It shows me who my best performers are.

Williams Team

Williams Estate Agents

I introduced my estate agents to IntroAgents. Since then, leads have increased by 120%

Tony Wilson

Mortgage Advice Bureau

I waited for 2 weeks to speak to my bank. I spoke to your mortgage advisor in just 2 hours and made an offer!


Property Hunter

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